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I love being humiliated by women for having such a tiny dicklet. My wife knows and makes fun of me all the time. She takes pics and videos and tells me she’s going to show everyone. But I don’t think she has,because she would be embarrassed. I go on cam a lot and show my little dick and face. It’s such a turn on knowing someone I know might see me. I would love to be stripped naked by my wife in front of her friends while they all laughed and took pictures,just the thought makes my tiny dicklet hard.[img]null[/img]
Posted:  05 Jul 2019 20:26

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Same here. I actually go on Omegle and get humiliated all the time for my 3.5 inch cock. Sometimes takes a little while until you matchup with a couple girls, but when i do matchup they humiliate the hell out of me.
Posted:  29 Jul 2019 22:02

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If the penis is naturally small, you need to look for other advantages, for example, tongue or fingers. See how the boy handles this problem skillfully ...
Posted:  02 Jun 2021 14:04   Last Edited By: shonpen22

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Try ways to enlarge your penis. I've tried to walk with a suspended weight for several days and it helped me, look what happened pornodiesel
Posted:  02 Nov 2021 17:16

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I've got 2 inches hard. I've had girls laugh when I take it out but even if they don't laugh what their face shows  (disappointment, disgust, pity, etc.) isn't much better.
Posted:  17 Apr 2022 05:35

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As far as I know, men never publish photos of their household only from the Internet. But you can always find open participants
Posted:  18 Sep 2023 12:35