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Story: Insatiable

Insatiable-Part 2

I broke away from the kiss to look at him. His brown eyes were glazed over with lust and admiration as we stared at one another in the dark. He kept his eyes on mine as his hands moved to the button and zipper on my pants to undo them so he could slide his hand inside. When his fingers grazed my shaved mound and he realized I wasn't wearing panties, a low growl of appreciation left his throat and added to my wetness. He sounded and looked so sexy, so in need of me that it was impossible for me not to become more aroused hearing it and seeing the seductive look in his eyes, even in the dark. Our eyes stayed locked as his fingers slipped lower and I leaned back a little further, inviting him to touch me, to take what was his. His fingers reached my clit and rubbed it a little, making me squirm in my seat and a low moan to escape my lips. He rubbed it a little more, moving in slow circles around it, following the moans I was making. His other hand was still up my shirt, rubbing my nipples, one after the other, as I got closer and closer to coming for him, as only he was able to make me come.

When he moved his hand from my clit and pushed down further to reach my now dripping pussy, he pushed in with two fingers as far as he could in our position and moved them in and out a few times. He then curled them upward and struck gold when he hit my g spot, tapping his fingers inside me as his thumb came to find my clit. When he brought his mouth to my neck and bit down, I spilled quickly into orgasm, my hips lifting off the seat and my mouth seeking out his to stifle the moans and profanities I was spewing forth from the immense pleasure rolling through my body. He kept his hands in place until I stopped moving, then he slid his hands out of my pants and brought his fingers to my mouth for me to suck clean. I eagerly took them into my mouth and sucked on them, my tongue running along them, licking my self off of them as he pushed them in and out of my mouth. His other hand was now in my hair, taking fistfuls and tugging as I orally pleased his fingers.

"Now I want you to get on your knees and do that to my cock!" He whispered as he drug his fingers slowly from my pink, horny lips, the first words he had spoken to me, expressing the dominant side of him I loved. I glanced around the theater and, seeing no one, dropped to my knees in front of him, disregarding the dirty floor in my haste to comply. Probably a mistake, since I was wearing white but in the moment I honestly could not have cared less. My only thoughts were on getting that thick cock in my mouth. I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, pulled them down just enough to reach my prize and pulled his cock out through his blue boxers. He was more than ready for me and I stroked him slowly up and down as I looked up at him, his eyes burning with desire and want for me to take him in my mouth. I brought my mouth down to sate our mutual desire and I felt his body jerk a little when my hot mouth made contact with his throbbing cock.

I kept just the tip in my mouth as I felt him grow around my lips. I licked the head, swirled around it with my tongue, teasing him, making him wait just a bit longer before I went in for the kill. Without warning I pushed my mouth down and let his cock slide into my throat fast, stopping for a second to give my reflexes a chance to relax before allowing it to continue it's journey to the back of my throat. He let out another low moan and shifted in his seat as I sucked on him, keeping him deep for a few seconds before releasing him completely, popping him out of my mouth. His hands were desperately grasping at my hair, begging me to swallow him again and so I did, again taking him all the way into my mouth but this time keeping him there and starting to bob my head up and down as his hands guided my head, keeping me where he wanted me before pushing and pulling it up and down to meet his needs.

I loved being dominated and the way he was ordering me around with his hands was making my pussy wetter and me even hornier, if that was possible. I was more than willing to please him and soon he was moaning and writhing and I knew he was on the brink when he let go of my head and whispered at me to "Go!" and I did, moving my head very quickly, tightening my mouth around his dick as his hands came down to caress my nipples. When my tongue shot out to slide down his cock as I quickly sucked on him, pausing ever so slightly in just the right spot I knew very well, he grunted and exploded into my mouth. His hips came up as he ejaculated a large load of semen into my mouth and then again as I eagerly lapped up every drop.

His fingers had tightened around my nipples as he climaxed; when he came to, he released them and I suddenly became cognizant that I was kneeling on a dirty, hard concrete floor. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and stood up and sat back down on the seat as he brought his pants back up and readjusted them. I fixed my bra and pants as well. The movie was less than half over but we both had only one thing on our minds as we synchronously stood to leave the theater. I hurried out ahead of him and rushed to my car. I drove to the empty parking lot we were well acquainted with and waited. When his car pulled in beside mine I excitedly got out of my car and into the backseat of his. He had spread a soft blanket over the seats both for warmth and to protect the leather. He climbed over the seat to meet me there and immediately we began to make out, hands roaming bodies, eagerly, knowing time was quickly expiring and needing to reach conclusion before then. My hands were busily unbuttoning and removing his red shirt, his hands were pulling my own shirt off, his mouth coming down to nip at my nipples through my bra. He pulled at the clasp, moved it down and off my arms so he could suck on my tits and enjoy the feel of our naked bodies pushed together.

Once I had his shirt off I turned my attention to removing his pants and boxers so I could stroke his cock as he tended to my tits. He was hard again, and his groan when I touched him told me he was ready to take me. Together we removed my pants with haste and I then propped myself up on my arms and legs, put my ass in the air and silently asked him to fuck the shit out of me. He was quick to comply, coming up behind me and smacking my ass a few quick times before sliding his dick into my wet pussy, slowly at first until he was sunk deep into me and I was crying out as he stayed in me for a couple of seconds, making a home in my nice tight welcoming cunt.

When he began to move, my head pushed against the car door as he increased his speed until he was savagely fucking me as I moaned and begged. I felt the build up of a strong orgasm overtake my body, every stroke was hitting my g spot and he had a grip on my hair that was pulling me back slightly and allowing his cock to slide in further and when I clenched my muscles as tight as I could to grip him inside me, I came, intensely, calling out his name as I did, letting out all of the frustrations I felt, thanking him for making me feel so amazing. Soon the tightness of my spasming pussy overwhelmed him and he came, right behind me, hot cum shooting into my pussy, filling me, as he rammed into me several more times, emptying himself into me.

We stayed in our positions for a few moments longer, before he gently pulled me back towards him by my hair, and to his lips for a passionate kiss. I took the opportunity to rub my hands one last time over his lean body and savored the feeling as he kissed me. We then collapsed back to the seat of the car, looked at each other appreciatively before picking up our respective clothing and dressing in the close confines of the car. I glanced forward at the clock from the low playing radio and rolled my eyes. The time had come and as much as I dreaded it, I resigned myself to my choices and prepared myself to leave.

"How are you going to explain that?" he asked, referring to the dirty spots on the knees of my pants, a smile crossing his face at the thought of my husband seeing what he had caused.

"Ummm, I'll say I fell, he knows I'm a klutz," I replied, looking down and preparing the lie mentally.

"Good luck with that," he answered, a smirk replacing the smile as he attempted to lighten the inexplicable and unavoidable sadness we were both feeling now.

"Thanks babe, I guess I'll see you in a few..." I said, my voice trailing off as I leaned over to kiss him sweetly on the lips, then pulled the door handle and opened the door, sticking my legs out before looking back at him. Seeing him looking so handsome and contemplative, I was full of many of words I wanted to say but instead I pushed them down and got out of the car.

But by the time I had started my car I was in tears, choked up by so many conflicting emotions. I wondered why I kept putting myself through it, but doubted I would change anything. I was acting compulsively and felt out of control but at the same time I was in love and the happiest I had ever been in my life. I knew soon I was going to have some hard choices to face. But all of those thoughts could wait till later, for now I had to get dinner and get home to my husband before it got to be too much later. I sighed and pushed the accelerator with my foot, flashing my lights to him as I left, signaling my departure but knowing this was the far from the last time we would have an encounter like this one. It was one of the few things I was sure of.

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