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How to Make Your Local Sexs Experience More Memorable

There’s a rising trend in the United States and elsewhere of guys secretly videotaping their trysts. In other words, they are recording the girls they met on free meet and fuck sites.Now, I’m sure you already know this, but in most jurisdictions, it’s illegal to record people without their consent. It’s illegal to share private recordings without the other person’s consent. Not only do you run the risk of losing a lot of money, but you might run the risk of getting raped by several dudes in prison because that’s where you’re headed, prison.Prison is not nice, especially if you have a lot of pimples, you’re thin, you’re scrawny and weak and barely fuck. You know you’re going to be the bottom man in prison. In fact, they don’t even call you a bottom man. They call you a bitch.So if you don’t want to be a bitch, don’t try to make your local fucks more memorable by secretly videotaping the action. Sure, there’s a lot of hidden camera technology coming out of China that look anywhere from a USB drive, to lipstick, to even a mouse or even insect designs. But don’t fall for that trap. You have to ask for consent.Now, assuming that your partner consents, if you want to make it really memorable, you need to do only one thing. Seriously. You need to perform. I don’t care what you do, like drink a fucking energy drink, practice Tantric meditation, so you can hold it in and channel your stamina to first make your partner come at least five times before you come.You see, the game of sex is all about giving before you receive. If you’re able to understand that and if you’re able to wrap your mind around that, you will fuck a lot more women in the future because women are looking for guys that know how to fuck.Most guys are pigs. Most guys just want to stick their dick income and they don’t give a fuck whether the chick even noticed that they stuck their dick in. Can you see how selfish that is?The moment you are able to share and give your partner the experience she is looking for and you create a special experience together, that’s what makes sex memorable. That’s what takes sex from simple fucking to lovemaking, or better yet, soul bonding.You don’t have to be necessarily religious to believe in soul bonding, but believe me, there’s a spiritual dimension in great sex. That’s why the Kama Sutra exists. The Kama Sutra is actually a theological text. Make it that memorable

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