shelli_k18's story
Story: taste of cuckoldry

gf uses my bedroom, not me

I kinda feel like her caretaker, she has fun while I'm passive in bed, I provide for her because I want to. But she's not happy, and I can tell. I suggest she and a friend of mine try out something, they spend the night together just talking. She meets me the next morning, telling me if I agree to it, it means the end of our relationship. I'm totally confused, telling her he is married and that I just thought she'd want to try things with him. She knows, and she does, but she can't be with two at once.

Reluctantly she has me agree, and because she wants to keep it discrete, I'm to let them use my bedroom the next night. And the next night that he's free, they do it again, and again. Suddenly, the only reason she comes over is to meet up with him, sometimes I make her supper afterwards. I wimper that I still want to be a part of it.

They meet up on a more regular basis with my bedroom being their entertainment area, and start calling me names and being very degrading.. I had to stop it..

I was a fool to stop it..

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