ashley04's story
Story: my secert dream

40 years later

I was married to my husband for 15 years with four kids and lived in a beautiful home and relax life. I was a housewife and nurse and it seems to be perfect but I felt something missing in my life. my kids left for university and I was alone at home and my hubby was a good man. but one morning at work while I was helping other nurses , I saw the new doctor that will be in our dept. He was handsome , tall and young and black with green eyes. he saw me across the room as he was getting closer to me and couldn't stop staring as he told me, hello and I lost words to answer him. he smiles and asks me if I knew where was his office. I look at him with his green eyes and took him to his office. we talk about each other and later he asks me out for a coffee on my break, I told him, yes but I felt bad and I went either way. We talked and smiled at each other as he was looking at me and I was at him. he asks me if I was married, I told I was with two adult kids that lived cross country. as he told me he was single and no kids and he mentioned he doesn't date much or didn't have a girlfriend for six years. I was hornier as was looking at his lips. the months past and we became friends and the younger nurses are more beautiful but he didn't pay attention to them only to me and I felt nice . we went to eat and he look at me and told me that he might leave to other hospital near by and I ask him why ... he told that he felt feels for me and he knows I'm married its best for him to leave but I told him No that we can work this out as he gave me a kiss on the lips and I did too. my body felt warm and he told me that he is sorry but told him no , I do want be with him . so that night when we finish the shift we both left in my car and went to his apt and he ask if this was ok ...i told be quite and we start to kiss and tonch each other as I felt his cock was getting hard and harder. as he was sucking on my huge white tits and I went down on him and started to suck his huge cock in my mouth. i felt his body getting tense and we laid down on the bed and we started to fuck and could feel his huge cock growing harder in me and we didn't stop and he look at me by saying he wants to cum and told yes cum in me as we fuck harder and harder and than I felt his huge cock shoot his black seed in me and he could stop cum in me and his face was tense as we kiss. the follow nights we saw each other. after two months my hubby told me that I was getting fat and I should walk more and I didn't notice but later I felt sick the follow days and I went to see my family doctor and I took tests and week later I went to see my doctor. he look at me and ask me your 43 years old right, yes why ..well your pregnant and your four months and i couldn't believe it my hubby was happy that he will be a father again but he wasn't , it was doctor baby and days past and i didn't what to say but i told mike, he will be a father..he was happy but told me if your hubby knew. i told him no so the next day at night i told him that it wasn't his baby. he got mad and left the house and four moths later i went to give birth and doctor mike was by side as i was have birth to two black baby boys and my kids were happy and mike.

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